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I study honeybees that live together.

Honeybees for Agriculture
the things you do

pollen medium

help in seed production

Maintaining the Ecosystem

improvement in crop quality

These honeybees are...

because of these things
Honeybees are decreasing.

a mite

pesticide spraying

sudden climate change

Protecting the bee ecosystem
Noah is trying to transform agriculture in the future.

Collect data inside the bee cluster

Collect data inside the bee cluster using sensors

The data contains information about the various activities of bee colonies, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and scent

Data Analysis and Modeling

Analyze collected data to understand the health status and behavior patterns of bee colonies

Use modeling to predict the behavior of bee colonies and find appropriate countermeasures in case of problems

Protecting and Maintaining Bee Clusters

Protects and maintains bee colonies based on collected data and analysis results

If necessary, use medications or other countermeasures to restore the health of bee colonies

Application of artificial intelligence and robot technology

Use AI technology to analyze data from bee colonies, predict behavior

Use robotic technology to monitor bee colonies and respond as needed

Application in Agriculture and Ecology

Use smart bees technology to monitor bee colonies and maintain crop production stability

Maintain and protect ecological diversity and biodiversity

Applying Smart Farm Technology

Collect and analyze information such as temperature, humidity, and illumination to predict and manage crop growth and health conditions

Find optimal control and manipulation of crop cultivation environments to improve crop productivity




AI/Big Data

mechanical agriculture

seed industry



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